Monday, October 26, 2015

A basic but stylish shirt please

A plan is taking shape in my sewing imagination, a wool shirt in a basic style, something that could be worn as a jacket over a tee shirt.  Maybe I will start with a flannel shirt to test.  So which pattern, where is a simple but stylish shirt pattern, one that is shirt-like but still feminine.

Shirt by Theory

An inspiration photo, I like the slim yet roomy shape and the small collar.

Shirt at

The rounded collar in the plaid is nice.  I also like that the buttons are in pairs.

Ottobre Design has a couple of choices but I would need to make small construction changes to the pattern to make a better shirt.  Then, in a timely for me post, Lena at Iconic patterns writes about sewing a shirt and offers a list of changes to make.  Thanks Lena!  Now if only she would sell that pattern...