Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KwikSew success

The KwikSew hoodie was a total success. Miss Twentysomething put it on immediately. It fit her well and she liked the fabric. This pattern is so easy and quick to make, I already have another one in a thicker sweatshirting cut out.

With each new KwikSew pattern I try I like the company better. Their patterns deliver and that is all I ask of a pattern that I buy. Consistent sizing, good drafts, sensible construction techniques, good results, it's all good in the KwikSew envelope. I think might be done with McVoguerick, too many frustrations and disappointments in their envelopes.

Off to do taxes and other paperwork. If I get that finished I can go have fun in the sewing room! Daisy doesn't have to worry about taxes and this is what she likes to do with all her extra time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A KwikSew Break

While I figure out which interfacing I want to use for the Marfy shirt and wait for a delivery from Snap Source so I can finish the New Look, I made a simple hoodie using KwikSew 3693.

It's drizzly and dark here today, no sunny daylight to show the warm colors in this french terry. Those dots are tiny hearts. If you are a fabric.com fan you probably recognize this fabric. I made view B and shortened the bodice by 3 inches. Doesn't the picture on the pattern make it look like the edges of the fronts end at center front? The draft actually overlaps the fronts enough to add buttons if one wanted. It doesn't change the look of the garment, I just thought it was an interesting fact.

A brown hoodie is not my style, it is for someone else. The dress form is about the same shape and size as the intended wearer and I'm hoping it fits the real person this well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Test Driving a Marfy

It was such a pleasure to open the neat little package of one of my new Marfy patterns. A quick muslin later and I am still smiling. While I need to alter a little for my shape the overall fit feels very nice, like real clothing instead of some wonky fabric concoction. I have pinned out some width in the front since the pattern is drafted for a larger bust than mine. The cuff is just the right size to go with two small pleats and a little gather in the sleeve. I love it when a pattern works, it makes sewing fun.

All the pieces fit perfectly together and the pattern sews a garment that looks exactly like the concept drawing.

I'm thinking a silk twill, a bit of weight but still soft.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My Marfy patterns are here! I ordered two through the Vogue Patterns site and they were shipped from Italy in a small brown envelope. Each set of pattern pieces is nicely folded into a small rectangle and is labeled with a sticker. No seam allowances or hems included, I love that. It means the edge of the pattern is exactly the seam line and I can see the shapes in actual size instead of something visually enlarged by excessive seam allowances everywhere.

I didn't expect them so soon. My head is full of a "yeans" project at the moment. Yeans, hah, yoga pant jeans. Can I make pull on jeans that don't look like nursing home wear? If they look like these "clean jeans" I'll be ok. I made one test pair, they are a bit tight but I gave them a trial run yesterday in public. I hope I didn't offend anyone. The test "yeans" are shockingly comfortable. We'll see how it goes.

The sewing machines have been busy, five pairs of yoga pants, four long sleeved tees, one tank top, and one sweatshirt type thing, plus a few repairs and alterations. Only two of the yoga pants were for me so don't think that my closet is filling up with all these things.