Sunday, March 28, 2010

A KwikSew Break

While I figure out which interfacing I want to use for the Marfy shirt and wait for a delivery from Snap Source so I can finish the New Look, I made a simple hoodie using KwikSew 3693.

It's drizzly and dark here today, no sunny daylight to show the warm colors in this french terry. Those dots are tiny hearts. If you are a fan you probably recognize this fabric. I made view B and shortened the bodice by 3 inches. Doesn't the picture on the pattern make it look like the edges of the fronts end at center front? The draft actually overlaps the fronts enough to add buttons if one wanted. It doesn't change the look of the garment, I just thought it was an interesting fact.

A brown hoodie is not my style, it is for someone else. The dress form is about the same shape and size as the intended wearer and I'm hoping it fits the real person this well.