Monday, October 26, 2015

A basic but stylish shirt please

A plan is taking shape in my sewing imagination, a wool shirt in a basic style, something that could be worn as a jacket over a tee shirt.  Maybe I will start with a flannel shirt to test.  So which pattern, where is a simple but stylish shirt pattern, one that is shirt-like but still feminine.

Shirt by Theory

An inspiration photo, I like the slim yet roomy shape and the small collar.

Shirt at

The rounded collar in the plaid is nice.  I also like that the buttons are in pairs.

Ottobre Design has a couple of choices but I would need to make small construction changes to the pattern to make a better shirt.  Then, in a timely for me post, Lena at Iconic patterns writes about sewing a shirt and offers a list of changes to make.  Thanks Lena!  Now if only she would sell that pattern...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crowdfunding a new pattern, a good thing?

Here is something new to me, Iconic Patterns is crowdfunding the next new possible pattern.  If I am interested in having this pattern then I can pledge the amount an individual pattern will cost, or more if I like.  If enough people pledge making the total reach the necessary minimum the pattern will be developed and produced.  No money can be lost on pledges since no one is charged if the funding minimum is not reached.  You can read Lena's blog post on the topic and there is more info on crowdfunding at the Iconic Patterns faq page

I think I like this idea.
  • The patternmaker, in this case Lena who makes amazing patterns imho if the Jess Jeans and the Sammy Cami are any indication, knows she/he will get paid for the work involved in getting a pattern to market.
  • I can support the patternmaker and end up with a pattern I really want.
  • The patternmaker will not spend fruitless time developing a pattern that not very many people are interested in buying.
The only downside?  My own disappointment if pattern that I really want does not go to market.

I have already pledged my bit.  I see perfect summer wear.  Even if I just turned on the furnace for winter, I would love to have this pattern asap.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A whole year went by!

It has been whole year since my last post!  Life has been busy with things other than sewing.  In the last few weeks I have been enjoying once again reading the sewing forums and some new to me interesting sewing related goodies.  Two inspirational, and tempting, items are the videos produced by Susan Khalje and Angela Kane. 

The Classic French Jacket is hugely tempting, even though I have no desire for a Chanel-esque jacket, so not my style.  It's the construction and the process that draws me in.  I would love to have some couch time watching and hearing about intricate sewing.   For $195 one gets lots of video with erudite Susan gently teaching, some nicely presented written class information, and a Susan Khlaje french jacket pattern, although one has to pay shipping for the paper goods.  (Couldn't that shipping have been included in the course price?)  But $195 is quite a price, probably too much for what would amount to just entertainment for me.  Although, wouldn't it be fun to use the techniques, quilting the fabrics etc. with a different style jacket, a hoodie perhaps?

Angela Kane has been in the internet sewing world for a while and is always expanding her offerings.  Her videos are interesting and to the point, very pleasant to watch.  I like how when there is something a little time consuming, like pinning a seam, the video switches to fast forward until that portion is done, then the instruction picks up again.  There is a membership for access to all videos and patterns for 45 British pounds, at this time ca. 70 American dollars.  I have only watched a few free ones.  I'm intrigued by the Roll Collar Coat which can be purchased as an individual pattern, but all those videos that a membership gets, how fun that would be.

 I'm visiting my favorite sewing forums again.  I have been a member of Pattern Review for nearly 10 years.  There is always something interesting going on there.  I have lurked at Stitcher's Guild for a number of years.  The members at SG sew up some amazing things.  It might be time to join there and actually say something.

My sewing machines are waiting patiently under a dust cover.  My cutting table stands quietly with it's leaves folded down.  My fabrics rest in bins in the attic.  (It's not hot here so the fabrics are in good climate in case you were worried.)  I'm starting to miss hearing the click and hiss of my gravity feed iron and the satisfying effect of it's heat and moisture to shape fabric.  It might soon be time to open up the sewing world again.

NOTE about blog comments.  I have turned off comments to my blog.  This doesn't mean that I don't want to hear you, the reader, it means I am so not good at keeping track of replies but mostly it means that there have been a number of spam comments that I wish to not have to deal with in the future.  I am thinking of you, the reader of my humble blog, and I thank you for being here and for sharing this fabulous thing of sewing love with me.