Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burda, now I want you again

The August issue of Burda is now online and it has made me want again. Want patterns, designs, new clothes, fabrics - wants that have faded into near nothingness lately. I have been blaming my flat mood on the heat but maybe the new wanting is due to the fact that the styles showing up this fall are my old favorites. Once upon a time I loved slim pants, simple and elegantly loose shirts, tailored jackets with a subtle twist, combinations of quiet colors like gray in all it's hues. Simple, functional, elegant, well tailored, love these. I can't wait to have the August Burda in my hands so I can browse and dream and, hopefully, sew.

The Love List

This pretty basic jacket with the subtle twist of having the buttons in a concealed closure and being intended to wear with the collar up. There is a soft steel blue wool cashmere blend that has been in my stash almost too long. This might be the right pattern to make it come out.

The loose fitting banded collar shirt. I have seen this style in printed chiffons which gives a nice effect, the contrast of menswear and feminine. Soft, drapey, easy to tuck in, easy to wear, this is my kind of shirt.

Slim pants, my wardrobe staple for many years until the bootleg look arrived and made slim pants look fashion backward. The slim pants of yesteryear were more like close fitting tapered things though. I like the updated leg shaping in the current pants.

Jacket + shirt + pants = outfit. I need to go rouse my mojo.