Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crowdfunding a new pattern, a good thing?

Here is something new to me, Iconic Patterns is crowdfunding the next new possible pattern.  If I am interested in having this pattern then I can pledge the amount an individual pattern will cost, or more if I like.  If enough people pledge making the total reach the necessary minimum the pattern will be developed and produced.  No money can be lost on pledges since no one is charged if the funding minimum is not reached.  You can read Lena's blog post on the topic and there is more info on crowdfunding at the Iconic Patterns faq page

I think I like this idea.
  • The patternmaker, in this case Lena who makes amazing patterns imho if the Jess Jeans and the Sammy Cami are any indication, knows she/he will get paid for the work involved in getting a pattern to market.
  • I can support the patternmaker and end up with a pattern I really want.
  • The patternmaker will not spend fruitless time developing a pattern that not very many people are interested in buying.
The only downside?  My own disappointment if pattern that I really want does not go to market.

I have already pledged my bit.  I see perfect summer wear.  Even if I just turned on the furnace for winter, I would love to have this pattern asap.