Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Shop Company is listening to us

Two years ago I inquired about and then purchased a dress form from The Shop Company. I was delighted with the well informed response to my questions and quick delivery when I finally ordered.

Since that purchase I have been on The Shop Company's email list and receive occasional updates about new products.  The two most recent I find very interesting.   One about scissors and another about cutting mats.

I just put aside my two much liked Ginghers and a Mundial because sharpening services are not readily available where I live.  And I ordered a pair of true left handed Kai 8" shears to keep things going until I am near a sharpener.  I would love to try the scissors from The Shop Company but first they will have to come out with a left hand version.

Self-healing, non toxic, odor free, non slip mats?  It is surely a cutting table dream come true.  Someone heard all our wants in a mat.

To the people at The Shop Company - we like that you are listening! 


The dress form deserves a good review on it's own, but for now here is a picture and link.  It is a wonderful sewing room tool.

Happy sewing,