Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Kwik Sew patterns

Kwik Sew has put out a new batch of patterns and, as usual, there are some excellent choices.  Not that the pattern envelopes advertise this excellence.  How unstylish can they possibly make a nicely sewn garment look?  Let's take a look at the pattern envelope photos and then let's imagine how fabulous the garments really could be.

Uptown Dresses  They put cute names on the patterns this time, I think it's a nice touch.  This Uptown Dress has tons of potential and appeal.  First of all, it's a pull over dress which means no fiddling with zipper installation.  And a pockets option, I love pockets in a dress.  The bias cut draped collar adds a bit of dress-up-ness.  Maybe the simple fold back sleeves seem a bit plain but consider them instead the detail that provides the fabric choice challenge.  This dress could be stunningly stylish in the right fabric, perhaps a featherweight Italian wool.  Sew it up in an amazing fabric, add suitable accessories and it would be Vogue magazine ready.

City Dress & Tunic  In this photo Kwik Sew manages to show with the purple top how nice this pattern can be.  The slim shawl collar is perfect and the sleeve cuff repeats the collar shape nicely.  An eye catching fabric with suitable drape is key.  They grey sack on the paid-to-smile model with the stick arms and bad hair day is, well, hideous.  


Pretty Pleated Skirts  The skirts are pretty, by themselves.  The way the lavender one is styled makes it look like a repurposed laundry bag.  Come on Kwik Sew!  These are pull on skirts, again no zipper, how easy is that!  It's designed for woven fabrics but I'm seeing knits, a wool jersey for the long one perhaps. Or the ever popular rayon/poly/lycra double knit which I don't like for myself but would work well here.  On the other end of the spectrum I see a buttery soft drapey suede, yum.

Ruched Neck Tops  The long sleeved view is a great on trend item.  The outdoor/casual clothing companies are making their versions in fleece, nice for places on the planet that have proper winters.  It would be interesting to extend the shawl collar into a hood which would make the neckline lie somewhat differently.   

Shawl Cardi & Vest  For "firm stretch knits".  That could translate into one huge fugly mess.  I my opinion this pattern needs fabric with some softness and drape.  Anything stiff and cheap will make this look like a stiff and cheap uniform piece of the kind that one will only wear if getting paid to do so.  In my fantasy world where I wear vests in this style I would use an alpaca knit.  The jacket in a cashmere knit. 

Dolman Sleeve Jackets  Super simple and really cute...if worn right.  Lucky Magazine would know how to make this the most awsome piece in your fall/winter wardrobe.  Without some thought this could look like you just snipped the shoulder pads out of your fave 80's jacket.

Jelly Roll Jacket  I'm not a quilter so I'm missing the jelly roll reference.  What I do see is a very nice basic jacket with princess seams, a flattering collar, and interesting sleeve cuff treatments.  This is a multi season and multi purpose jacket as it could be sewn in just about any fabric for any occasion.  Embroidered silk for the opera, wool gabardine with metal buttons for winter casual, fleece for chilly days.

Thanks, Kwik Sew, for giving us new patterns!