Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Onion patterns

A little pattern shopping.  I really like Onion patterns because they are simple to make and are well drafted.  Like Burda Style, they are printed without seam allowances which means I can see the actual shape and size of the pattern piece and can make alterations if I want without having to fiddle with seam allowances.

The asymmetric buttoning caught my eye.  It wouldn't be difficult to change the front closure of any jacket to have this style but these days I don't have the drive these days to do extra things in my sewing.  Just let me cut it out and sew!  This is drafted for a B or C cup so I will alter that for my A and hopefully that will be good enough.  I'm thinking fleece or wool.  Summer is short here in the high mountains which is why I am already thinking warm things.

An anorak with an easy way to sew a zipper and attach the hood.  Once upon a time I had a thick wool anorak very much like this one.  It was a gift from my roommate at a school in Norway and it suited the climate there very well.  I'm not sure if I would sew this in wool though.  There are so many new warm synthetics available now.  Maybe just a windbreaker material as the wind does blow here in the spring and fall.

This one I ordered mostly to see how Onion did the collar and neckline.  It has the princess seam to the asmscye which I tend to like better than the princess seam to the shoulder so having this pattern will give me the option of using either type princess with other neck and collar treatments.

My new sewing room is almost set up just as I want it.  A huge dresser was in there that came with the house and it took up way too much room.  I sold it through a consignment shop and now the big space taker is out!  Maybe I'll take some photos soon.  If I'm not outside enjoying the sunshine and mountains.