Sunday, November 27, 2011

Press on

A solution to the pressing table problem has appeared.  I left the base of my previous pressing table setup behind when we moved.  It was pretty rickety and hubby insisted it was not worth bringing.  Where to put the top in my new sewing room was a difficult puzzle for a while.  Then this buffet thing showed up in the local thrift store.  I think it is an Ikea piece, the hardware is typical of their style, and it is, surprisingly, mostly solid wood.  The pressing top is screwed to the back rail of the buffet's top to prevent tipping if I push down on the very front.

At first I thought I would cut off the narrow top shelf to create an open pressing surface but that high shelf is the handiest thing ever for pressing tools.  I have two skinny fluorescent light fixtures from my old sewing room that will fit under the upper shelf to light up the pressing surface.  They are lying on the pressing top in this photo since I haven't remembered yet where I put the mounting clips.

What is that green thing at the left in the photo?  It's a Wilcox & Gibbs 515-4 series that does a chain stitch and overlock.  It was being given away, how could I say no!  More about that another day when I get it up and running.