Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrifty me

Ann Taylor jacket $3.68 - Goodwill

Inspired by the success style bloggers are having at thrift stores I decided to stop by Goodwill yesterday. I haven't been thrifting in several years and I think it is because I started finding the racks full of raggedy things that really belonged in the recycle bin.  Maybe it was the stores I was going to, stores which did not include this particular Goodwill.

I was was very happy to find this practically new Ann Taylor jacket in my size.  It is a poly/triacetate long jacket with concealed buttoning and side seam pockets.  The darts are interesting, the points meet at the bust which perhaps means it is a princess seam with an angle.  This lighter photo shows it better.  The jacket also has a thin cord belt but as I'm not a fan of belts of any type for myself I doubt I'll use that.

I think the jacket looks much better on me.  It fits me better anyway.  Matilda makes it look sort of frumpy with her high and pointy boobage.