Friday, January 28, 2011

Style tips from my readers

I have been thinking about the interesting "completing an outfit" ideas that appeared in the comments on my Giveaway post.

Harry Mason earspirals

Earrings complete the look - Lynn
A simple thing like choosing the right earrings can make an outfit sing.  Once upon a time I wore earrings every day, even to the gym.  I still have my favorites of that collection but I never wear them, they don't suit now that I'm over the hill.  There is one pair that I do wear occasionally, pretty ones by Harry Mason that were a gift from MIL last summer.  New earrings are now on my list, I feel much more dressed when wearing them.

Forever 21 cardigan

A good sweater cardigan for a professional look - Joyce in NC
There are lots of great sweater cardigans in the stores now, a shape for every body.  Moto jackets, pea coats, blazers, and plenty of unusual shapes all in good knits.  I recently got an inexpensive acrylic cardigan that is like a large circle with sleeves put in.  The result is a cozy shawl collar plus a cutaway jacket effect, a lot like the Forever 21 version in the photo.  I really just wanted a cardigan for a warmth layer but now I see that this item could work quite well as a jacket substitute for a put together look.

Limit the choices to a basic color - Terri   
I like the theory of this.  My wardrobe is woefully small and is lacking in color variety, maybe I'm already practicing this but, sadly, not on purpose.  Still, there is good inspiration here in the form of blending different tones of the same color in a single outfit.  I have a lot of blue.  I love blue.  The winter sky is many shades of perfect blue from dawn to dusk and even at night.  If the sky can wear several shades of its blue at any given time, well then I can too.  My slight compulsion for superorder that says things must match will just have to rest.