Monday, January 31, 2011

More stealing my looks

Ann Taylor, have you been messing around in my closet of the past?  You have stolen my looks for your spring lineup. 

Slate gray menswear style shorts with rolled cuffs, knit top tucked in, bracelets.  Been there done that in the early 90's.  The sideseam and back welt pockets were handy for the various things one ends up carrying when one has children in tow.  I wore those shorts to death.  Heels would have been a hooker look back then, I wore flats or sandals.

Canvas "utility" pants with the legs rolled up to mid or high calf.  Mine were a dusty green and fit like a dream.  They got lots of use in the late 80's.  I usually wore flipflops, a gauze shirt, and simple silver bangles to complete my look.

The mid 90's are back.  Already.  Ann Taylor is using a rayon blend ponte knit but I will bet that my 100% poly knit pants in a twill texture were much more durable.  I still have mine for some reason.  Maybe as a reminder of how I have allowed my rear to become a size that looks really bad in those pants.  I wore mine with flats, sometimes really cool (I thought) ankle boot heels with a front zip, and a tucked in silk blouse top.

All this been there done that-ness is giving me fashion ennui.  Am I really so old that there is nothing new?