Friday, May 14, 2010

Testing, one, two, three...

Testing KwikSew 3334. This might suit the daughter person. I tried the muslin and I might like it for myself. It feels snug in the waist area and a little roomy in the shoulders. Then I got curious and wondered how 3466 compared so I made another muslin.

This pattern has similar lines with the shoulder princess seams in the front and center seam and darts in the back. The difference in cut is subtle but significant. This military looking style has higher armholes and is closer fitting around the shoulders. The sizing is consistent, something KwikSew does well, it is the style that demands the differences in the pattern.

Now I am in muslin mode, why not just make tests of more KwikSew jacket patterns and then I will know how they compare. I have traced 3715 so it is next.

The boyfriend blazer, a (hopefully) updated version of the 90's classic. I had a wool flannel one by J. Crew in that era that I wore all the time. This look and length worked well for me then, we shall see if it can be translated into a current look.

While I'm at it I think I will test 3764 as well.

I like the red illustration. I have a deep red cotton sateen in my stash. I may have do some shaping with this pattern if it is truly as boxy as that white sewn version in the photo.

Soon I'll have a whole wardrobe of muslins, hah! The fabric I'm using is a fleshy pink cotton linen blend that I got from some time ago. It is extra wide, like 90 inches wide, and was about a dollar per yard. Yay for the super sales at!