Saturday, April 17, 2010

More KwikSew

More KwikSew hoodies. This size small one in a skulls print french terry for the daughter person. A very cute, good quality fabric from Lucy's Fabrics. I made the hems narrower and sewed them with the coverstitch machine. The hems are two inches wide on all the sizes. I think it looks better with narrower hems on the smaller size.

A plain looking one in a cotton spandex for myself, also in a size small to suit the stretch of the fabric. The name of the color is "raisin" but prune juice would be more accurate. Probably wouldn't sell as well with that name though. The hems are a little narrower on this one as well since I used the coverstitch machine and trimmed to finish. A very nice fabric from

And one in a thick cotton sweatshirt fleece. This is a size medium, a little oversized and comfy in the heavy fabric. This was a lucky buy from Another sweatshirting in the same category was pretty wrinkly and wimpy. I finished the edges of the hems with the serger and stitched them down with the sewing machine.

I shortened the pattern bodice three inches for all the hoodies. KwikSew 3693.