Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Wardrobe Lightbulb

Two projects in progress in my sewing room:

The Marfy, a collared button down shirt. I have made the necessary changes to the pattern for fit and was about to choose an interfacing that would work well with the silk twill.

The New Look, a collared button down shirt. Still needs buttons/snaps, I have some but I'm not that excited about the proportions of this one.

The patterns are a similar style, an effort to find a good basic shirt pattern for wovens. As I thought about my projects today a lightbulb started to go on. I don't like button down shirts very much, I don't enjoy wearing collared shirts really, and I actually don't like wearing woven tops unless they are quite roomy. What in the world am I doing sewing these shirts? The answer is a bit fuzzy, something about trying to find a "nicer" look than my favored knits, knits, and more knits.

Then I was flipping the pages of a Garnet Hill catalog thinking something grumpy about all the "lifestyle" type catalogs that are showing up in my mailbox just because I ended up on some mailing list somewhere somehow, and I saw this.

She's wearing my favorite summer outfit! The knit skirt, knit top, sandals. Hmm, she looks well dressed. I flipped the pages again, this time with more interest. Lots and lots of knits in the catalog, and the models all look nice, well dressed and comfortable. Lightbulb on. Knits can look fabulous, knits are not just for gym wear and at home wear. Knits can be dressy, formal, casual, serious, fun...everything. I don't need to wear wovens if I don't like to. I think it is time to sew some more knits!