Friday, July 12, 2013

And more for less

Filigree Paisley Cotton Lawn for $16 plus shipping at Marcy Tilton.  Or,

Kimono Voile Paisley Dream Purple at for $8.98, add a coupon of at least 15% off and free shipping possible.

This spring I got a yard of the "voile" (lawn is a better description) and made a bias top.  I love the colors and the fabric is nice but it is not $16 fabric by any means.  I really like supporting the small independent fabric vendors but what's a budget conscious gal supposed to do when this kind of thing keeps popping up?


  1. Hey, this is a nice blog, are you active right now?

  2. I own a small shop and there is no need to grossly overprice things like this. There is a trend with small shop owners to overprice things because "they went through the trouble to bring in specialty items", but that doesn't really hold water in my mind. Hopefully the "faux boutique" pricing trend will be over shortly.

    Great blog!