Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The look for less

I like Sawyer Brook very much.  Superb fabrics and top notch customer service.  Yes, I believe in paying for those things in the fabric world but when something lovely shows up for so much less at a different site I have to stop and wonder.  Or marvel.  At the apparent vagaries of pricing.  Today, this.

Viscose/Elastane jersey print Botanical Haze at SB.
$22.00 now on sale for $14.99


Viscose/Elastane jersey print Trendy Knit Print at Low Cost Fabrics.

The colors look different in the photos but when I read the descriptions which both mention brown and chartreuse I am almost convinced they are the exact same fabric.  If I really wanted to buy this fabric how much would I want to pay to support a favored business?  Probably not 10 plus dollars per yard, unfortunately.