Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stop stealing my looks!

Did the designers sneak into my house and thumb through my photo albums for their inspiration or what? Pre-fall 2011 is like a big Been There Done That!


Worn by me in the early 80's. Not my finest outfit then and a pretty dumpy version by ADAM now. Should have left that look in the 80's.

Tory Burch channels my fave outfit when I was nine years old, striped top, navy shorts, and droopy socks. I suppose Ms. Burch expects people who receive a paycheck instead of an allowance to buy this.

Oversized harlequin stuff on a wide silk top paired with black pants and black heels, wore this in the mid eighties. My husband was not impressed.

Plain blue wool coat with no button closing, plain t-shirt, plain black pants, my uniform in the mid 90's. I sewed my own coat to create this look and now TSE offers it up to the public.

Sometime just before 1990 I made a dress that looked a lot like this. A rayon challis print with white abstract squiggles. Mine was pink instead of red. Thakoon doesn't use the white belt like I did, maybe I should call and let them know they need to pay more attention to accessorizing their outfits.

J Mendel thinks my maternity coat of 1984 was worthy of imitation. They should have copied my dress as well, it was much nicer than that dingy rag the model is wearing. Her feet must be cold, I should lend her the ribbed silk tights I wore, they were warm.

Not my look but still in my album of the past. This is exactly what my overly talented artist/alcoholic boyfriend wore in 1975. Maybe he's still wearing this look, who knows. If he needs a new set he can call Burberry Prorsum.

This from my 1971 yearbook, what my teachers wore. I'll bet the ones back then were made with that awful "bonded" fabric where a not so great wool or acrylic fabric was fused to a thin foam that made the fabric keep it's shape and resist wrinkling. Think Luca Luca knows about that stuff?

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!