Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tuscan Shirt Finished

That "inexpensive" black eyelet that I used for the first shirt is fugly fabric. Whatever inspired me to buy it? JoAnn must have been giving it away the day I was there. Here is a link to a bad photo of the shirt. I won't sully this page with such fuglyness.

Going from truly bad fabric to truly great fabric, I made the next shirt in a crinkled silk chiffon from Emma One Sock. Much better!

Not a much better photo though. My camera is definitely showing it's age, sigh. Anyway, back to the shirt, the fabric's print is a bit large and bright for my taste but I think it will be a fun top to wear with jeans in the fall. The crinkly silk is delicious to wear. Those are black shiny snaps from Snap Source.

I made two more Tuscan Shirts, one in a rayon faille and one in a lightweight tencel. Both still need buttons. This pattern really is best in a drapey rayon or silk type fabric. Great pattern!